Pan fried Bibimbap

prep & cook time 30 minutes

※Preparation for rice is not included in the time.

※Consume within 3 days after delivery.

[What you'll need from your kitchen]

・Frying pan 
・Recommended size 
・2 servings 10in/25cm
・4 servings 12inch/ 30cm

👉 Ingredients marked with ※ are not provided in the kit. Please prepare them at home.
👉 The prep & cook time is an estimation. It will differ based on circumstance.
👉 1 cup (150g) of rice will cook to be about 350g. 400g of rice make about two portions.


※  rice
・ ground beef
・ special barbecue sauce
・ roasted sesame
・ carrot
・ chives
・ bean sprouts
・ Namul seasoning
※ salt
※ oil
・ eggs
・ sesame oil
・ Gochujang (Korean red chili paste)

👉By portioning and servering small amounts, you can enhance the taste of the crispy texture of the rice crust. When serving the individual portions, instead of placing the eggs sunny-side-up, mix the eggs in the pan allowing for a more savory taste.

【1 Preparation 3 minutes】

Rinse and cook 2 cups of rice(3 cups for 4 servings) . In a bowl, mix ground beef, special barbecue sauce and roasted sesame. Then put mixture aside. Wash and peel carrots, cut diagonally into thin slices. Cut chives into 4-5cm lengths. Wash bean sprouts and drain well.

【2 Making Namul 8 minutes】

Spread shredded carrots from step【1】 covering the surface of the frying pan. Place bean sprouts on top of the carrots and then chopped chives from step【1】 on top of bean sprouts. Sprinkle 2 pinches of salt(1/3 teaspoon for 4 servings)over vegetables. Cover and steam on medium heat for 5 minutes. Open lid and remove excess water with paper towel. Transfer vegetables to bowl. While hot add a pinch of salt(2 pinches of salt for 4 servings) and Namul seasoning then mix gently. (Namul)

👉 No oil is needed.

【3 Frying 3 minutes】

Preheat same frying pan over medium heat. Lightly coat with 1 teaspoon of oil(2 teaspoons for 4 servings), crack eggs into pan, cover, and cook for about 2 and a half minutes. Then, remove to plate. (Sunny-side-up egg)

👉Adjust eggs to your preference.

【4 Frying 5 minutes】

Add marinated ground beef from Step【1】 to same frying pan. Stir-fry over medium heat for about 5 minutes until lightly browned. Remove cooked ground beef along with any juices to separate plate.

👉 No oil is needed.

【5 Frying 8 minutes】

In same frying pan, add 2 bowls of rice (about 400g)(4 bowls for 4 servings) and 2 pinches of salt(1/3 teaspoon for 4 servings). Drizzle sesame oil over rice, mix well and spread all over frying pan. Spread Namul from step【2】 on top of rice. Place ground beef cooked in step【3】 on top, includes juices. Heat over medium-high heat. Fry for about 8 minutes so that rice is browned.

👉 Adjust the cooking time to get your preferred level of rice crust crispiness.

【6 Plating 3 minutes】

Once Bibimbap is cooked, mix well. Divide into individual bowls, top with a Sunny-side-up egg, and garnish with Gochujang if desired.

👉When mixing the rice, use a cutting motion to maintain the texture of the rice and Namul.