How to cook rice

(Rice Bowl)

prep & cook time 30 minutes

The time to soak rice is not included in the cooking time.

Tips for cooking deliciously

【Choosing a pot】
The thicker the pot, the better the rice will cook. Pots with tight-fitting lids are essential. Choose the size of the pot based on the amount of rice you will cook. For 1 cup of rice, a pot with a 5 inch diameter is recommended, while for 2 cups, 6 inches is recommended.

【Water Quantity】
For regular rice with the usual firmness, use 200ml of water for every 1 cup of rice (180ml). Adjust the amount of water based on your preference.

【Selecting Water 】
To cook even more delicious tasting rice, we recommend using mineral water or filtered water for both the initial rinse and while cooking.

Over rinsing rice leads to loss of flavor and nutrients. Make sure not to rinse to the point where the water runs clear.

By soaking rice in water, you can bring out the unique chewy and fluffy texture that are the main characteristics of Japanese rice.

When cooking rice, it's crucial not to remove the lid once you've started. Removing the lid lowers the temperature and can result in less flavorful rice.

【1 Rinse 3 minutes】

Place strainer in a bowl and add enough water to completely cover the rice. Add rice all at once into the strainer and gently stir 2-3 times from the bottom. Then, lift the strainer with the rice out of the water. Replace the water in the bowl and return the strainer and rice to the bowl. Using your hand in a cupping motion, gently swirl rice around in large circles about 20 times. Replace the water in the bowl again, clean it, and rinse rice in the same way. Finally, replace with clean water.

【2 Soak for 30 minutes】

Soak rice in water for at least 30 minutes (1 hour in winter).

👉 During summer, it's recommended to soak rice in the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth.

【3 Drain 1 minute】

Remove rice from water and drain well.

👉To prevent rice from drying out, avoid leaving rice in strainer for too long.

【4 Steam 6-7 minutes】

Place drained rice in a small pot, add 170ml of water(340ml for 4 servings). Cover with a lid. Bring to a boil over medium heat.

👉 Use a lid that fits the pot perfectly.
👉 The time it takes to reach a boil varies depending on the pot's size and material. As a general rule, it takes about 6-7 minutes for 2 servings of rice and 8-9 minutes for 4 servings.

【5 Cook for 8~9 minutes】

Once the rice starts boiling, immediately reduce heat to low and leave on low until no foam appears.

👉The recommended time to heat on low heat is 8-9 minutes for 2 servings and 12-15 minutes for 4 servings.

【6 Stand 10 minutes]】

Turn off the heat and leave with lid on for 10 minutes. After steaming, gently fluff rice with rice paddle or fork.