Ginger Pork

prep & cook time 25 minutes

※Consume within 1 week after delivery.

It is recommended to eat within 3 days for the best taste.

[What you'll need from your kitchen]

・Frying pan recommended 12inch/30cm
・Baking sheet or large plate 

👉 Ingredients marked with ※ are not provided in the kit. Please prepare them at home.
👉 The prep & cook time is an estimation. It will differ based on circumstance.


・ Pork
・ Cabbage
・ Onion
・ Potato starch
・ Ginger
※ Oil
・ Special Ginger Sauce

👉When cooking the pork, try not to overlap the pieces as much as possible.
👉To reduce shrinkage during cooking, score the fatty parts of the pork with a knife.

【1 Preparation 7 minutes】

Shred cabbage, soak in water for about 5 minutes, then drain in colander. Wash ginger and use edge of spoon to scrape off skin. Thinly slice ginger, about 1-3mm wide, along fibers. Stack them, shifting a little at a time, then cut them into 1-3mm wide strips from edge. Cut onion into 5-6mm thin slices.

👉 If you enjoy the texture of ginger or are in a hurry, you don't need to peel the ginger.
👉 The fibers of ginger run parallel to the stem.

【2 Preparation 7 minutes】

Spread out pork and tap it lightly with a knife, cutting across the fat. Spread each piece of pork on the baking sheet or a large plate, coat both sides with about 1-2 tablespoons of special ginger sauce using your hands. (The remaining sauce will be used in step 5.) Sprinkle thin layer of potato starch all over.

👉 By making vertical cuts at the edges between the white and red parts of the pork, it will be less likely to warp during cooking.

【3 Frying 2 minutes】

Heat oil in frying pan over medium heat. Place pork pieces from step【2】 one by one into the pan. Make sure not to overlap them as much as possible.

【4 Stir Frying 11 minute】

When the color of the meat changes halfway, flip it over. Add onion from 【1】 on top and stir-fry.

【5 Simmering 5 minutes】

Add shredded ginger from 【1】 to 【4】. Pour remaining special ginger sauce and shake frying pan to coat mixture with sauce. Flip the meat halfway through to ensure it is covered in sauce. Simmer until sauce reduces and becomes thick.

【6 Plating 3 minutes】

Arrange shredded cabbage from 【1】 and the mixture from 【5】 on a plate.