Potato Salad

【1 Cutting 5 minutes】

Cut shibazuke into large rough dices. Cut shiso leaves into thirds lengthwise, then into thin strips. Peel potatoes, remove any sprouts, and cut into quarters lengthwise. Keep flat side facing down, rotate 90 degrees, and cut from edge to about 1.5cm thick.

【2 Boiling 12 minutes】

Put potatoes cut in Step 【1】into pot and add enough water to cover potatoes. Add about 1 teaspoon of salt and heat over medium-high. Once boiling, lower heat and boil for 6-8 minutes, keeping it simmering until bamboo skewer or fork can be inserted easily. Once cooked, drain potatoes in strainer.

👉Adding salt when boiling brings out the sweetness of the potatoes and makes them less watery.

【3 Combining 5 minutes】

In bowl, put potatoes that were cooled in Step【2】 and shibazuke that were cut in Step【1】, add special mayonnaise, and mix everything together. Add a little salt and pepper, and add shiso leaves cut in Step【1】 and mix.

【4  Plating 3 minutes】

Arrange potato salad on serving dish.