prep & cook time 30 minutes

*Preparation for rice is not included in the time.
How to cook rice

※Consume within 1 week after delivery.

It is recommended to eat within 3 days for the best taste.

[What you'll need from your kitchen]

・Pot recommended larger than 2QT
・Frying pan recommended 10in/25cm
・Wooden spatula 

👉 Ingredients marked with ※ are not provided in the kit. Please prepare them at home.
👉 The prep & cook time is an estimation. It will differ based on circumstance.
👉 1 cup (150g) of rice will cook to be about 350g. 400g of rice make about two portions.


※  Rice
※  Salt
・ Spinach
・ Boiled vegetable seasoning
・ Roasted sesame
Flavored minced chicken
・ Ground chicken
・ Chicken seasoning
Seasoned egg bits
・ Egg
※  Oil
・ Egg seasoning
※  Salt

👉Boil spinach in over one liter of water. Any less will cause of dropping water temperature and affect finish.

👉For the minced chicken, put all the ingredients in a non-stick frying pan and mix with a wooden spatula before turning on the heat.

👉When cooking eggs, use 5 or 6 chopsticks together to mix instead of a wooden spatula, so eggs cook finely into small pieces.

【1 Preparation 10 minutes】

Rinse and cook 2 cups of rice(3 cups for 4 servings) .

【2 Boiling 8 minutes】

Boil plenty of water in a pot and add a pinch of salt. Wash spinach, place in pot, and boil. When spinach becomes bright green, drain using a strainer. Cut spinach into 1/2 inch pieces. Put aside in a small bowl.

【3 Combining 3 minutes】

Add boiled vegetable seasoning and roasted sesame into spinach from step【2】.
【Spinach soboro】

【4 Stir frying 7 minutes】

Add ground chicken and Chicken seasoning to frying pan. Over medium-low heat, stir with chopsticks or wooden spatula, and simmer until water evaporates. Keep in container and put aside.
【Chicken soboro】

【5 Stir frying 5 minutes】

Rinse and wipe frying pan. Crack eggs into bowl and mix. Add oil to frying pan on medium-low heat. Add beaten egg, Egg seasoning and a pinch of salt in frying pan. Stir with chopsticks or wooden spatula.
【Egg soboro】

【6 Plating 5 minutes】

Add rice into a bowl and serve three kinds of soboros on top.
(※The recommended amount of rice per person is 200g.)